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Benefits of Handmade Rugs - A Value Addition to Your Home

Benefits of Handmade Rugs

Beauty and Class

Benefits of handmade rugs add a substantial value. What are the real benefits of buying a rug instead of just traditional carpet?

This question, for fine rug consultants and knowledgeable clients alike, is rather difficult to answer, not because there aren’t specific benefits like sanitation, durability, and quality, but because these topics hardly scratch the surface of the real benefits to owning a fine rug.

You never hear of individuals or designers ordering one-hundred-year-old pieces of traditional carpet to accent a room. The thought is actually rather disgusting. This is because most designers will rather decorate according to a new trend, modern or post modern style, and in most cases a Traditional rug is not a good choice for decorators.

There simply is no way to clean a traditional carpet short of a new install thoroughly. Unlike carpets which are purely disposable goods, fine rugs are beautiful and unique treasures.

Benefits of Handmade Rugs List:

  • Rugs help complete your room’s overall décor in a way that a traditional beige carpet cannot.
  • Rugs don’t require a professional install. If you decide you want a change it, simply move it!
  • Rugs, depending upon their use, can break-up and diversify your space or act as anchors to accent and clearly define a space.
  • Rugs can make a room feel larger by shifting your focus off of the walls and ceiling.
  • Rugs are unique, one of a kind, artistic investments. No one else will own a copy of your rug!
  • Rugs—with proper care—never lose their value and only become more cherished as time passes.
  • Rugs are soft, plush, and inviting. Be kind to your feet and your floors.
  • Rugs are vibrant and colorful! A monotone carpet simply cannot compare to it.
  • Rugs are great conversation pieces. Turn your once neglected floors into an art gallery!
  • Carpet is cheap. Rugs are timeless.

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