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Rug Auction and How to Win

Rug Auction

How to buy a rug at a live public auction can be very competitive. Attending, bidding, and winning at the live auction its an exciting shopping experience in life.

Just remember one rule: at the live auction, raise your hand when you like the item and the going price, drop your hand when you are not comfortable with competing prices.

Going to auction after an auction session started is not a good idea.

Plan to attend an auction event in advance. If you are planning to buy a rug at the auction, go there with your approximate room measurements and color swatches.

Give yourself enough time to examine your desired rugs in advance in close proximity, touch, and feel the rug. Write down the item number and size of your desired piece.

When you walk in an auction event, you will be presented with a registration form to obtain a bidding card with your bedding number on it.

Make sure you read and get familiar with the house rules before starting to bid.

Remember, when the auction starts, when you notice your favorite rug you need to start bidding when you raise your bidding card, you're engaging in oral business contact with the licensed State auctioneer.

If you become a successful bidder of that piece, you're obligated to pay and remove that item from the premise.

Rug Auction

Most auction events have "Buyers' premium ". Whatever amount you agreed to buy that item, you will be charged the set "Buyer's premium" to your invoice.

Name your price for the rug(s) of your choice!

We periodically conduct rug auction events for the purpose of selling our overstock inventory at our warehouse of galleries. Sign up and let us notify you for our upcoming rug auctions:

Please NOTE: Items offered at auction are separate than from our online rug inventory.

Please call us at:

East Coast: (212)235-7058

West Coast: (562)270-1700


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