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How To Buy a Rug Online Without Losing Your Time and Money

How to buy a rug online

How to buy a rug online is a long task, so make sure that you know what you're buying in detail, especially the authenticity and source.

If you cannot determine whether the information related to the item is satisfactory or not, you should seek advice before purchasing from that source.

Rugs of All Nations would be happy to give you our "rug expert opinion" before making your buying decision.

How to Buy a Rug Online

When you are browsing rugs online, after a while, all images seem the same.

What about the size? How do I tell how it will look on my floor? Another major concern is the accuracy of colors on the screen. Most rugs have over 28 colors woven in it matching, coordinating or judging colors on the screen when pictures don't show colors in detail can be a challenging task.

Shipping and Insurance

When you buy a rug, you would want it to be handled and shipped by professionals. Ideally, when you buy a rug online, you should ask how they will be wrapping your rug? Imagine, if shipper uses non-waterproof materials to ship your rug, in the case of rain, potentially the rug can get damaged.

Shipping fees vary according to taxes chargeable based on the location of the region. The size of the rug also determines the shipping cost and higher insurance fees. You need to be aware of such costs in order to ensure that your purchase arrives in optimal condition.

What if you didn't like the rug that you just received?

Wrapping the rug like a professional can be very challenging since rugs are usually bulky and very heavy. Make sure to ask wrapping materials from the shipper when you purchase the rug.

Receiving a refund after returning the rug can add more dilemma to the shopping experience.

Make sure to know who will be responsible for shipping back, the cost of ensuring the rug and how long would it take for you to notice a refund on your credit card.

Happy shopping!

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