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How to Care For Your High-End Hand Woven Rug

Lasting for generations, hand-woven rugs are a treasure to have in your home. To the untrained eye, you may not be able to tell the difference between machine made and handmade rugs, but the quality and life of the rugs are no match. If you’ve just inherited or purchased your first high-quality hand-woven rug, here are some techniques to keep in mind when caring for your rug that is universal on any type and style of rug you may have.

Depending on the knot count and the yarn used, hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs can be inexpensive or an investment. Vacuum your rug often to keep sand, dust and other particles from fraying away the pile. Purchase a vacuum without a brush within the head, as it can snag and tear away the knots of the rug. If you spill on your hand-knotted rug, lift the rug, protect the floor beneath it with a piece of plastic, and then begin blotting the spot, and with a little mild soapy water, patting at the stain until it comes clean. Let the rug dry before laying it back down.

If you spill something particularly nasty on your rug, or your animal does, be sure to clean the stain promptly before any molding or rotting can sink in. You can pour soapy water through the rug into a bucket or tub below, ensuring all mild soap or shampoo used is completely rinsed out. Again, ensure the carpet is completely dry before placing back on the floor. Red wine and other dark drinks can instantly stain your rug, however, your grandmother’s trick of using club soda will do the trick here as well; be sure not to scrub too hard (leave the bristled brush under the sink and use a soft one instead.

It is a good idea to keep a carpet pad under the rug to protect the bottom, adding to the longevity of your carpet. Other things to note is that you should spin your rug 180 degrees every few months or so to keep walking patterns from developing. Many carpets can be flipped as well as hand-woven carpets don’t often have the latex bottoms that many machine-made carpets do. Keep your carpets away from direct sunshine as well to ensure the color doesn’t fade.

If you purchase your rug brand new, take note of any special instructions you receive from the makers, as they know the rug better than anyone else. Write anything down that you may forget before you leave the shop.

You can and should have your carpets professionally cleaned. How often you need to do so depends on the number of people, animals, and dirt that is brought into your home. Never dry clean a hand-woven carpet or shampoo it with a rental machine from the local grocery store. It may look clean on the surface but will be molding and rotting underneath. You’ve spent a good chunk of your savings on this rug, be sure to put as much proper care in love into it as if you took hours to weave it yourself.