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Runner Rugs and How to Display Them

Runner Rugs

Runners rugs should always look proper in size, shape, and pattern; in another word, a runner should be a complement to the shape of your hallway. Hallway runners are made in a variety of lengths and widths. The common sizes of runners are 2'.6 x 8'/ 2'.6x10' / and 2'.6x12'.

Usually, leaving distances between 3" - 5" inches of flooring visible on all sides of your hallway runner is ideal and practical in designing your living space.

Wide and long hallway runners are often pre-made. In general, you have to compromise some in here and there to make it work. After displaying wide hallway runners, space seems much larger and much luxurious.

Runner Rugs

Very long and narrow runners and handwoven wide and long runners are hard to find. Long runners have to be straight in shape; otherwise, it would look uneven on the floor.

Rugs of All Nations offers to customize your required hallway measurements so, after completion, the customized hallway runner would look, feel amazing and proper.

Hallways at home get more traffic than any other part of your home. Displaying inexpensive hallway runners don't last that long and always look incomplete and overused.

We recommend using handmade runner rugs in heavy walked hallways are practical and always look fresh and new.

We recommend using rug-pad under hallway runners for a safety reason.

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