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How To Repair A Rug To It's Original Look And Feel

How to repair a rug and why repairing and restoration of your carpet is a good idea?

Rugs of All Nations is a professional Oriental and Persian rug establishment.

We offer professional rug repairing and restoration services for rug collectors, people who own vintage original Oriental - Persian rugs, and French tapestries-Aubusson.

How to Repair A Rug

Most of our service demand comes from common people with a damaged rug that needs attention. We rebuild damaged rug that very often owners don't recognize their rugs because rugs look like a new rug.

Take care of your rug when rug edges to fray and start losing threads that can prolong the life of the rug and doesn't lose its value because rug retains its original charm and condition.

If you're not an experienced rug collector, get a rug expert's opinion before giving your genuine antique silk rug or a magnificent 17th-century French Tapestry to an unknown person.

At Rugs of All Nations, we have a real professional repair people that will make sure to maintain color consistency with the same original know formation. Will select similar fabric in nature and texture by creating the exact same color dye as the original.

Please call us at:

East Coast: (212)235-7058

West Coast: (562)270-1700


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