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How to sell an antique rug?

How to sell an antique rug

How to sell and antique rug is not as difficult as it seems, but before selling your vintage rug, first, you need to find out what is today's value of your piece.

Make sure to get a second opinion regarding the evaluation of your antique rug.

Make sure the establishment that you're calling or interested in buying, they specialized in dealing with vintage Oriental and Persian Rugs

when you walk in an Oriental rug store, ask them to show you some of their own vintage rugs. Ask them to explain the difference between vintage look vs genuine antique rugs. check out the prices on some of their vintage rug inventory to get familiar with similar items like yours.

Ask the expert to explain the nature of your rug in detail.

If you want to sell your rug fast, you don't need to pay an expert to give you a written appraisal. The verbal value quote would help you to know the going price for an item such as yours.

When you’re talking with “an expert/potential buyer” on the phone or in person make sure you have a good feeling about the trustworthiness of that person.

If you decided to leave your valuable vintage rug with a store on consignment, make sure to take many pictures from your rug and make sure the establishment has a content insurance in case something happens while they keep your rug in their location.

Rugs of All nations will be happy to guide you in a proper direction when you have any questions regarding this topic.

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