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Square Rugs and How to Use Them

Square rugs can make your home decor complete and majestic!

Why do rug weavers make these carpets?

Can you visualize a round table on a large right-angled rug?

Can you imagine a quadrilateral rug in a large round space?

Traditionally, rug weavers in the past, when they didn't have enough raw materials to complete a rectangular shape rug, instead, they used to change their plan to weave a square shape rug with the limited materials.

Rugs of All Nations can customize your desired square shaped rug in many patterns, colors, sizes and textures.

We will weave it. Just for you!

Interior designers usually for a low budget project chose to make square shape carpet from commercial grade broadloom material because of the cost.

Usually square shape made from regular carpet lacks charisma, looks plain!

Another alternative is look for a machine-made square carpet. Something must be said about machine made rugs; that they just look like a cheap carpet on the floor. Machine made square carpet usually wrinkles and wears down very fast.

Since, square carpets have four corners, when it’s made from synthetic materials, machine-made square carpets don’t lay down flat, but, on the other hand, square shape Oriental rugs lay down beautifully because weavers don’t use glue.

The bay window geometric shape creates the perfect amount of space for a square shape table. But the area must be large enough to accommodate square or round shape table.

Because bay windows have geometric straight lines, square shape carpet would be a great an access piece to the space and will make area larger than it is.

Square Rugs

Displaying a large shape square rug in an attorney’s office would be an awesome idea, make sure the size of a square rug expands beyond the desk would add so much charisma to and relaxing mood to the working professional credible environment.

The picture in this page showing a large square shape rug in a very luxury home. If you had to remove that rug from that space, the room would miss the richness as we see it now; its complete and majestic decor!


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