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How to Weave a Rug? Is it Simple or Not?

How to weave a rug

How to weave a rug is painstaking and a real craft. Prior to making rugs, Human used animal skins to sleep on it. Rugs as floor coverings almost as old as recorded history.

The rug started out as a sleeping mat to replace animal skins to provide humans with protection from the elements while resting.

How to Weave a Rug

The weaving methods were also used as a bag made to carry possessions while moving regularly. Rugs provided an important and necessary item which was light to carry on.

Rug made a cold, hard ground into a practical, comfortable surface to sleep.

As Human entered to Agriculture revolution period, populations gradually turned to a more settled life, and rug weaving skills changed from being comfortable surface to sleep on into objects for barter and trade.

Initially, rugs were made of wool since, wool is considered the classic fiber for rugs because it offers a balance of resiliency, durability, and it's easy to wash and dry.

We have a dear friend that we at Rugs of All Nations admire. He is the author of a famous book:

An Illustrated Guide to Making Oriental Rugs. by Gordon W. Scott

Dr. Scott was a director for American Hospital in the city of Rasht, Iran during the late '50s

Dr. Gordon W. Scott is a trained neurosurgeon, got fascinated by Handwoven Persian rugs while lived and practiced in Iran.

He learned how to weave a rug. Altogether he has woven more than 45 rugs.

Dr. Scott had sent one of the pictures of his own woven rugs to an expert in London, England, had asked where that rug is woven? The rug expert in the UK had replied by saying the rug is woven in Kashan, Iran.

After receiving the expert's opinion, Dr. Scott wrote it back by saying that the rug is not woven in Kashan, Iran but woven in Amarillo, Texas, where he lived.

Dr. Scott's book takes the mystery out of this centuries-old art form by illustrating, in detailed steps, how to build a loom and hand knot a rug as fine and intricate as those originating in the Middle East and the Orient. This unique book is a comprehensive self-instruction manual, written for both the diligent beginner and the experienced weaver, as well as the needlepoint devotee searching for challenging new designs

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