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Oriental Rug Books as a Worthy Introduction to the Fascinating Worlds of Rugs

Oriental rug books are the best reference for learning in detail about carpets. Most people simply know rugs for their many utilitarian uses. A rug can feel warm, soft, and comforting on a cold floor. It can cover a rough place in an otherwise attractive living room. A rug can add color and visual interest to a bedroom. And on and on.


But people who really take an interest in rugs go much deeper. Rugs have a long and very rich history. For thousands of years expert rug craftsmen and women have created rugs that told stories, held history, preserved culture, and decorated palaces as well as working class abodes.


Today rugs continue to hold a hallowed place in our culture, homes, businesses, and lives. A good way to explore just what rugs can do, what they mean in modern life, and how they are designed and manufactured often fills the pages of a number of fascinating rug books. These titles explore the history of rugs, the way rugs are made, the wide selection of designs and design schools, and much more.


Carpet Books


Some of our favorite oriental rug books include "An Illustrated Guide to Making Oriental Rugs" by Gordon W. Scott. First printed more than 35 years ago, this is a classic in the rug and interior design industries.


It is a finely illustrated guide with fun to read text. You get to see up close just how rugs are created. Most people are surprised at the amount of work, skill, and knowledge that go into rug creation. High quality rugs are not only a thing of beauty, but a complex accomplishment based on centuries of know-how.


Another oriental rug book classic is "Once Upon a Carpet" by Kathleen RynikerBashian. Written by a professional scholar and researcher, it takes you deep into the world of rugs with very interesting stories about rugs that have played an essential part in peoples' lives. This book even suggests specific pieces of music to listen to while more fully understanding rugs.

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Oriental Rug Books

An Illustrated Guide to Making
Oriental Rugs.

by Gordon W. Scott

These are must reads for rug
purists & aficionados!

Oriental Rug Books

Once Upon A Carpet Hardcover

by Kathleen Ryniker Bashian Ph.D.


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