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Why Are Rug Appraisals A Good Idea?

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Rug appraisals are a good idea if you think that your carpets hold a worthy value. We offer rug appraisals services for rug collectors, people who own vintage original Oriental - Persian rugs, and French tapestries-Aubusson.

Since the price for labor and the raw materials always goes high throughout history, therefore, rug prices is for anyone who wonders what the advantages are to having your valuable rug professionally valued updated for insurance purposes.

Casual conversations about how many knots per square inch in a rug may or may not to be worth are fine but when things get serious, vintage rug appraisers, actually have knowledge and experience worth discovering for the latest values.

Update Your Rug Appraisals

Let's say you either inherit or have owned rugs for years or even decades and decide to sell. Without current rug appraisals, you make an easy target for unscrupulous treasure hunters who might tell you it's worth one thing when it's really worth much more. You can sell way too cheaply without any idea you're doing so, and the bad news is that if you do, you have little or no recourse for recouping your losses. An expert's opinion protects you from these kinds of unfortunate outcomes.

Update your rug appraisals every five to ten years. Vintage rug prices fluctuate over time. Updating appraisals is mainly done for insurance purposes.

If you're not an experienced rug collector, get a rug expert's opinion before buying genuine antique silk rug or a magnificent 17th-century French Tapestry at the auction.

Never give away, throw out or otherwise get rid of any vintage rug that you inherited or own for a long time, no matter how bad you think it is, what you think of the person who gave it to you, what condition it's in or how unimportant you think the pattern and colors are! Always have an Oriental -Persian rug expert inspect and evaluate your rug first.

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