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Rugs of nations is the solid source with high integrity and passion for restoring genuine hand woven rugs, French Aubussons and French Tapestries.  

Wear and tear is common, especially with antiques. However, to maintain the value and beauty of your investment, repair services may be needed. Rugs of Nations employs a team—led by professional weavers—who have the knowledge and experience necessary to restore your valuable piece and maintain the value and beauty of your investment. We use only the finest tradition hand spun, vegetable dyed, wool, cotton, and silk. Only a skilled weaver can restore both your rugs appearance and value.

If you rug is in need of restoring, repair—be it loose or missing fridge, burns, tears, holes, insect damage, or any variety of other problems—contact Rugs of Nations to speak with one of our repair specialists. We put the needs of our clients first, and can offer quality repairs on short notice.

Email: contact@rugsofnations.com